Some proposals for the partnership

Some proposals for the partnership.

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our enterprise is ready to offer you a complex of advertizing and publishing services in trade marks, your products and services advancing in the Republic of Belarus.

 The enterprise “Our idea” is a founder of a monthly journal about Belorussian agriculture

«Our agriculture»

 The basic concept of a journal is a reporting about the situation in the agrarian branch of republic in time, systematically, creating a full economic benefit and the ecological safety. At the same time we pay enough attention to the world tends in agriculture, as well as main changes in the agrarian area of our neighbors.

You can find reports from agroexhibitions, scientifically-practical conferences and seminars of the basic scientific institutes, the leading organizations and famous companies which are interested in qualitative and objective presentation of the products in our journal.

The staff of the journal is young, active people believing in agricultural prosperity of Belarus, which is impossible without a true owner of the soil. All our knowledge and experience are aimed to help our Belorussian agricultural producers in their development, to assist new scientific achievements and progressive technologies in our agriculture.

 Circulation – 2800 copies

Periodicity– 1 per month

Spreading –Republic of Belarus.

 Main headings of our journal:

·      «Economics»

·      «Let` discuss»

·      «Agriculture and Crop production»

·      «Feed Production»

·      «Plant Protection»

·      «Animal Husbandry»

·      «Veterinary»

·      «Mechanization»

·      «Agroecotourism»

·      «Our Garden» (together with the Republican Association «BelSadPitomnik»(Belorussian Garden Arboretum))

·      «Personality» (about outstanding agricultural scientists and practitioners)

·      «Native Land» (an interesting and cognitive information about man-nature interaction)

·      «Exhibition Calendar»

·      «New books»

·      «Our Health»

 10 valid reasons to place your advertising in our edition.  

1. We are the leaders among our scientifically-practical agricultural journals in Belarus by our circulation of 2 800 copies per month. The whole circulation is demanded, so, your advertising will be examine by more than two thousand experts and heads from different branches of agrarian and industrial complex.

 2. Our journal is a colorful edition, consisting from more than 80 printed pages, and is made from import paper by Finnish manufacturing, on one of the best polygraphic equipment in Belarus. That`s why your advertising always will look brightly and colorfully and it will undoubtedly attract attention.

 3. We have created and now supporting in an actual condition our own information data base of subjects of the agricultural market of Belarus (17 groups of agroenterprises divided by their territorial, legal and industrial feature. Therefore we guarantee that the journal will be met directly by really working and interested addressee of agrarian and industrial complex.

 4. The basic place in our edition is taken by the scientifically-practical information, analytical articles. Readers are always remained in a rate of new achievements of agricultural mechanical engineering, manufacturing of the equipment and technologies for cultivation, storage and processing of agricultural production. Therefore our journal takes a place of honor in the library of heads and main experts (agriculturists, engineers, zootechnics and veterinarists) of agrarian and industrial complex enterprises and is used as the reliable assistant in their self-education, while taking some important industrial and administrative decisions, and your advertising always remains "near at hand" and it is working rather effectively.

 5. We offer our advertisers a really competitive price for that high level of services. There is a flexible system of discounts for advertising location up to 35 percent for constant partners.

 6. We have an individual way for the every partner. We can propose services of different types and volume with a glance to financial possibilities of the advertiser: from an economic version up to exclusive publishing and polygraphic decisions.

 7. Our journal is not an advertising, but informative subscription edition. That`s why your advertising always will be original and will not be lost on one page.

8. Advertising modules are placed contextually to subjects of informative materials, with the maximal convenience to the reader and efficiency to the advertiser in our journal.

 9. To learn more about you, we are ready to place a full article (a short report, an interview, the picture spread) about your products and offers, working experience, and important events at your enterprise. We can propose you services of the professional editor, the stylist, as well as the translator and the photographer in case you have no experience in this area. We are ready to publish some articles without any payment and give some grants for the author, if the article is of objective content and have no advertising character.

 10. Some representatives of large foreign companies place advertising modules in our journal, such companies pay a great attention in their choice of advertising agencies and publishing houses, and make much demand to the quality of design, publishing and polygraphic services.

 We are also ready to solve the problem of complex service of your enterprise in area of advertising polygraphy and design (booklets, business cards, calendars, leaflets, posters, catalogues, etc.). We offer services on direct post mailing of your advertising materials and their accommodation in other editions of the Republic of Belarus.

 We are ready to discuss in details all your proposals and projects in any suitable for you time. If necessary, we can send you a free copy of our journal for getting acquainted.

All additional information about our enterprise and journal you can get at our WEB-site or ask a question of interest to our worker.

Contact information: 

Tel./fax (+ 375 1 7) 274 80 42

Address: 220050 Minsk-50, post office box 64, Belarus


Chief Editor

Isaenko Vladimir

+375 44 722 05 48 (Velcom)


Kislekova Anna

+375 44 712 43 88 (Velcom)

Deputy director on economics

Kostukevitch Dmitry

+ 375 29 554-80-40 (МТС)

+ 375 25 605-92-46 (Life)

+ 375 29 351-56-61 (Velcom)